Welcome to Cranbrook Montessori School

Cranbrook Montessori School provides an educational program that encourages the development of the whole child, learning at his/her own pace with respect for individual diversity and dignity. We provide an environment which inspires an active pursuit of lifelong learning. At Cranbrook Montessori School, we believe that each person – child, parent, and staff – brings something unique and valuable to our community.

We encourage you to visit our school and spend some time in our classroom. You are welcome to take the opportunity to see how responsibility and independence are fostered, how the prepared environment makes it possible for children to do what they are capable of, and how our teachers follow the child’s lead to meet their developmental needs.

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Daily Activities Program Schedule

Arrival: Quiet time spent with books and chatting with the other children.

Opening Exercises: Roll call, counting the children, calendar, weather, group news, demonstrations

Gym Activities:  Includes circle games, climbers, free play with balls, hoops, bikes, singing games and outdoor play when the weather is suitable. The utmost care is taken during gym or outdoor playtime to ensure your child’s safety.

Verbal Presentations: New activities for that day including art, puzzles, counting etc.

Work Time: Children have the freedom to choose whatever material is available to them at the school. Examples include working on practical life, sensorial, literature and various mathematical exercises.   Puzzles, painting, snack, as well as an assortment of art activities such as pasting, tracing, collage work, play dough and print making.

Music and Story Time: Singing, finger plays, listening to music, band instruments, felt board and visuals. Stories are read aloud to the whole class. Stories include books, felt board, puppets and tales told orally.


Our prices are based on a three hour class two days per week per month and will vary depending on the number of days per week your child is registered for. Fees are paid on the first of each month. The fees remain the same for each month regardless of attendance. We are happy to be participating in the Child Care Fee Reduction Program.

The fees are as follows:

  • 1 Day per week –   $86/month
  • 2 Days per week- $147/month
  • 3 Days per week- $203/month
  • 4 Days per week- $264/month
  • 5 Days per week- $325/month

Now signing up for fall classes!

looking to sign up for fall classes? Interested in finding out if Cranbrook Montessori is for you?  Give us a call or send us a message for more information or to set up a time to come say hi.  Space is limited and advanced registration is recommended.